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What is Chatbot?

It is an assistant that communicates with us through text messages, a virtual companion that integrates into websites, applications or instant messengers and helps entrepreneurs to get closer to customers. Such a bot is an automated system of communication with users.

Why does a business should have a Chatbot?

There are reasons for that like getting rid of routine tasks and simultaneous processing of multiple requests from users. Besides, a tremendous speed of processing user's requests with chatbots helps gaining customer's loyalty.

How we made it work ?


Yekaliva.ai comes with a wide range of features to help you create, train and test your Bot, It has total customization, real-time monitor and easily manage your Bot conversations.

  • Real-Time Dashboard

    Have a birds-eye view of BOT with our fully optimized dashboard.

  • Detailed Bot Conversation

    Through our detailed conversation section, you can get to know your customer's need.

  • Bot Training

    Create, train and test your Bot easily.

  • Chat Widget Customization

    Easy customization of chat widget with live preview

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Yekaliva Brain

How Yekaliva.ai works!

  • Bidirectional neural model

    Bidirectional Neural model will convert words into vectors and simplifies it into simulated matrix graph and by using neural classifier, user input matched with specific intent

  • Active Knowledge Graph

    Knowledge Graph built with existing intent database and external data via data enrichment that collects millions of conceptual and relational data behind the keywords

  • Graph neural model

    Graph neural model combines vector data and enriched data relationship in a matrix which serves the accurate answer everytime keeping the accuracy high

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