Insurance Is Meant To Make Lives Easier

Let your customers have a good experience with their insurance provider. Yekaliva’s chatbot makes it easy to search through different policies, apply for policies, and even file and follow up on claims.

Good insurance begins with good customer service

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Convenience on Hand

With Yekaliva, your customers don’t have to stand in long lines and browse through complicated brochures to find the policy they want.

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The chatbot makes it easier for people to pay their premiums, apply for policies, and even find out the status of their claims, all without leaving the comfort of their home.

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Support Everywhere

Good customer service means you need to have service staff on hand 24/7, right? Nope. With Yekaliva, you can manage multiple chat channels continuously, without extensive human help.

9 out of 10 people leave a page without ever getting what they need

There’s little point to having a website if it doesn’t serve a need for your visitors. Yekaliva talks to your visitors, understands what they’re looking for, and gives them that information. By finding a source of information that actively responds to their needs, Yekaliva makes sure they come back.

Customers hate waiting, so don’t make them

Ever called a customer support hotline and had yourself put on hold? You’d have hated it, just as your own customers would. Yekaliva removes this delay entirely. By providing immediate resolutions to your customers, you’re already ahead of the curve in customer service.

Solutions Offered

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Make insurance claims easy, with Yekaliva for Enterprise

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Inject intelligent conversations into IT with conversational AI

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Good Healthcare Starts With Efficiency

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Customer Support

Improve Customer Support with Smarter AI

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Take the Next Step in Banking Services

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Talk to your customers, re-imagine retail

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Good insurance isn’t enough.
Give your customers more, with Yekaliva

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