Remove the clogs from the IT pipeline with Yekaliva’s automated intelligent chatbot.

IT departments in most companies are backed up with hundreds, if not thousands of tasks. With Yekaliva’s intelligent chatbot, replace the chaos with order.

Give your IT department the boost it needs.

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Automate Your Ticketing

With Yekaliva, your staff can automatically create and assign tickets. No more waiting in line with ad-hoc requests, no unnecessary paperwork.

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Innovate Your Record Keeping

An internal chatbot makes collecting records easier. There’s no need to manage notebooks or search manually.

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Supercharge Your Efficiency

Yekaliva can help provide real-time updates to everyone internally about new updates and procedures, without them having to call up the IT department or log into a different application.

Enable your team to help themselves

Most interactions for the IT department involve routine and minor changes that business users can do themselves, like audits, data security training, and device issues. With Yekaliva, your IT department isn’t handling these issues, and business users aren’t wasting their time on problems they can fix themselves.

Scalable solutions are needed in IT

More than other departments, onboarding more people isn’t a solution in IT. It just causes more chaos. But a scalable solution like Yekaliva can help reduce hiring costs, while providing IT solutions to your business users.

Solutions Offered

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Make insurance claims easy, with Yekaliva for Enterprise

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Inject intelligent conversations into IT with conversational AI

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Good Healthcare Starts With Efficiency

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Customer Support

Improve Customer Support with Smarter AI

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Take the Next Step in Banking Services

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Talk to your customers, re-imagine retail

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