Customer support is now scalable, cost-effective, and customizable, with Yekaliva.

Scalable solutions are the need of the hour for businesses. As companies grow, internal solutions need to grow with them, and be cost-effective doing it. With conversational chatbots, your customer support can grow with your company, without the need to spend exponentially more.

Make your support grow with your customer

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Always-online Support

Your customers don’t have to wait for a service representative to respond. Yekaliva responds instantly, reducing the time your customers have to wait.

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Hiring new staff isn’t a scalable solution. Yekaliva can scale with your business while remaining cost effective.

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Unlimited Response Customization

Create customized answers to questions specific to your company. Set a tone for Yekaliva that aligns with your company. Yekaliva is infinitely customizable.

Great customer support demands communication.

Customers know good support when they experience it, and they’ll keep coming back for great support. You can count on Yekaliva to help your customers get an outstanding experience every single time.

Customer Experience, Redefined.

Customer experience translates to better business. Customers don’t just want service, they want a reason to keep coming back.

Solutions Offered

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Make insurance claims easy, with Yekaliva for Enterprise

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Inject intelligent conversations into IT with conversational AI

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Good Healthcare Starts With Efficiency

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Customer Support

Improve Customer Support with Smarter AI

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Take the Next Step in Banking Services

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Talk to your customers, re-imagine retail

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Reimagine customer service with conversational chatbots

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