Yekaliva is designed with
businesses in mind.

That’s why we’ve packed it with every feature you need to increase site engagement, improve traffic, and get the data you need to understand what your customers want.

Analyze Everything

The dashboard gives you all the information and control you need over your Yekaliva chatbot.

With the dashboard, you can:

  • See the conversations Yekaliva has with your customers
  • Get statistics on how your customers interact with Yekaliva
  • Analyze how Yekaliva converses
screenshot of chatbot window with chart and statistics
screenshot of chatbot window with users

Manage Everyone

Yekaliva’s User Management allows for multiple people to manage a chatbot at once. Delegate your work to the people you trust.

  • Add or remove admins and moderators
  • View and assign incoming tickets
  • Track and group all tickets from a particular customer

Customize Everything

Being designed for businesses means that Yekaliva is created with you in mind. You can customize Yekaliva to reflect your website and business.

  • Choose color themes that match your website
  • Add FAQs your customers regularly look for
  • Add avatars to your preference
screenshot of chatbot window with customization
screenshot of chatbot window with social media

Connect Anywhere

  • Integrates with popular social media channels like Facebook, Skype, Slack etc.
  • Monitor all chats on a single platform
  • Seamless integration, no code needed

Integrate Everywhere

  • Can integrate with legacy systems
  • Built with enterprise-grade security features
  • Connects with popular CRM software using Zapier (Ask for a demo!)
chatbot icon surrounded by company logos
Yekaliva chatbot feature

But That’s Not All!

At Yekaliva, we believe nothing is perfect. That’s why we’re working round-the-clock to bring the latest and greatest features to your Yekaliva chatbot. Here’s a sneak peek into what we’re currently working to bring to Yekaliva.

  • Live Chat
  • Bot Flow

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