Create Intents

Here’s how you can add intents to your chatbot.

Step 1

Go to the Settings tab on the navigation panel. Under “Knowledge Base”, you’ll find the option to add intents.

Step 2

Select whether the intent you’re creating is a “Greeting” type intent or “Business” type intent. Greeting intents are designed to make conversations seem natural, while Business intents are designed to provide any information that your customer requests.

Step 3

Select the Response type. A text response is a normal response without any links or forms. A text with list will outline a number of different options for the customer to choose from. A Form will display a form for the customer to fill out for additional information. An image response will give the customer an image as an answer.

Step 4

In the User Question, add the question(s) that the customer will ask. The more variations you add for the question, the better your chatbot will be able to answer it.

Step 5

In the Bot Response section, add the answer that you want your chatbot respond with. This is the answer the chatbot will provide every time a customer asks the questions that you stated in the previous section.

Step 6

Click add to add the intent.

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