How to close a ticket raised?

Every forms are converted into tickets for effective handling. One can allocate and resolve tickets from the ticketing dashboard.

Click the ticket Icon from the left pane

Selct Ticket Icon


This option shows tickets still not attended by the user.


This option displays tickets that are resolved.


Tickets that expired the due date are shown here.


Ticket that are to not assigned to any user is shown here.


Tickets that are assigned to the users are shown here


It displays total number of ticket available.

Detail view

If customer raise a ticket your open value is incremented by one. You can take actions by clicking on open

Open Ticket

You can view due date and other information here. Click on it again to view more information

update ticket

From the above window tickets can be assigned to the Users. Priority level can be set based on user requirement.


Once assigned a user close the ticket by giving proper resolution to the customer.

Resolve Ticket

Once ticket is resolved it is moved to the closed section.

Close Ticket

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