This option gives you a detailed overview of all the tickets created by your chatbot.

Closing a Ticket

Every form that’s created is converted into a ticket to ensure effective handling. You can allocate and resolve tickets from the ticketing dashboard. Just click on the ticket icon on the left panel.


This shows you all open tickets.


This shows all closed and resolved tickets.


This option has a list of all tickets that have passed their due date.


This has a list of tickets that haven’t been assigned to a user yet.


This has a list of tickets that have already been assigned to a specific user.


This shows a total list of all tickets available.

Detail View

If a customer raises a ticket, you can use the detailed view to check all the information of a particular ticket.

Resolving a Ticket

After assigning a ticket to a user, and if the issue has been suitably resolved, the user can resolve the ticket.

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